Saturday, May 21, 2011

Antiquing For The Mind

Many authors attempt to fill in the generational gap between themselves and their children, yet the distance continues. Why is this? In all honesty, it's because the generational gap is caused by a lack of culture and experience on the side of the younger. By no means does this make the generational gap our fault, nor does it make it the fault of the elders either. It's a simple matter of circumstances. 

The filling of the generational gap is a long and tedious process. I have been working on filling my own for sixteen years, and I'm damn close, but no cigar. The effort must be put forth willingly by the younger portion and can not be forced, or the effort is moot. Even if the younger puts forth the effort, the elder must be willing to accept the younger as an equal, or it will discourage the younger and continue them down the path of distance.

The generational gap is created by differences. Differences in culture, differences is experience, differences in hardships, celebration, language, reason, and logic. For these to be filled, the youth must take influence from the past, but not let itself become absorbed in it. To truly fill the gap, one must not cross it, but bring the two sides together. 

I have been asked many times in my efforts why the youth would want to fill the generational gap, this strikes a very good question. Because on the other side of that gap is the answers to all the questions that make being a hormonal teenager so irritating. Information that if used correctly, can make adulthood so much more fulfilling, because all the things that your elders wished they knew at your age, all the mistakes they made, all their trials, will be your trials. One way or another you will go through those problems. Now, you have the option to either go through them yourself and suffer the consequences, or you can take that mistake, understand what would happen if you went the wrong direction, and figure out what the correct direction is.

The elders may ask the same question. The answer is simple: to better the human race. If the new generation does better than the last, and it creates a trend, then man kind can develop themselves. Man will be better for it, and much faster than if we bumble our way along.

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